Book “Save Me First” The incredible struggle for survival in a room, filled with patients on the verge of death that want to be saved first, is the main plot of a real story in a novel that shows over


  Her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications have provided Jackie with the tools to handle everything behind cameras. Her training in acting at HB Studios in New York, Loyola Marymount University in California, and the SAG conservatory in Los

Communicate to WIN

Jackie Torres’s life work as a communicator has concentrated on providing the tools we all need to improve our daily communication. Her workshops, seminars and classes focus on providing solid skills to communicate any message using verbal, non-verbal and written language.  Equally

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  • Dante and Jackie against stereotypes

    Dante and Jackie against stereotypes

    The stereotype is defined on Wikipedia as “an exaggerated perception, with few details and simplified, about a person or group of people that share certain characteristics, qualities and abilities.” That exaggerated and simplified perception is the one that has damagedRead More »
  • Last Mountain

    Last Mountain

    January 21, 2000 Latino Performers Power Last MountainNovel-to-film makes no compromises in keeping Hispanics at the center of the American DreamLos Angeles — With a planned world premier during the Berlin Film Festival in February (and an unofficial preview atRead More »
  • TV Shows

    TV Shows

    TV Shows As a TV producer, Jackie Torres has focused on shows that promote the communication between family members, some have tilted towards comedy: “La Hora Lunática,” “Con lo que cuenta este país,” and “Marcano…El Show,” others on improving ourRead More »

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Communicate to win   We all communicate daily but too often we are more concerned about our feelings than about trying to establish a relationship where both our needs and the needs of those we communicate with are equally heard.

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Experience and professionalism

Thank you for your teachings, especially in matters of struggle, honesty and love God above all things.

Rev. Padre Pablo Ricardo Duque

Great director

She has developed some of the most successful television shows of Hispanic television in Los Angeles California, and her native Puerto Rico.

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She has succeeded in all her ways

First of all I would like to congratulate Jackie Torres for making such a bold film with true to life story. In India it was hard to find this film in a DVD store. But what attracted me towards this film was that it was kept in a DVD store with 87 Review charts and 7 stars added to it. I was than forced to rent this film and i saw it. Believe me this is one of the best films I’ve ever seen on illegal immigrants. The director has tried to pull off real pain out of the actors. And she has succeeded in all her ways. Full credits to Jackie Torres!!! The performances especially of Mario Ramirez and the woman who played mother! Bought tears to my eyes. I actually don't cry so easily but yes! They both were just mind-blowing. The film i think was made with real actors and was shot real. That is what it seemed attractive. The camera work was just superb! The editing was a bit slow but hey! that is what the 'drama' genre is all about

Faisal Saif on IMDB about “The Price of the American Dream”

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Here you will find the version in Spanish of three new News Director, producer and teacher Jackie Torres.